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Champion Gaming is an industry-leading content, data and analytics company serving all facets of the sports wagering and fantasy sports communities.  The company operates three industry-leading brands: Football Outsiders, EdjSports and EdjVarsity, all with one simple mission--to give our customers the winning edge.


Fast Growing Market

Approximately 5B sports fans globally and acceleration of legalization in core markets


Experienced Team and Advisors

Led by media and gaming industry veterans, as well as successful proprietary content entrepreneurs


Leading Authority on Advanced Analytics

Experts include Aaron Schatz, Editor-In-Chief of Football Outsiders, and Frank Frigo, Co-Creator of NFL’s first fully-customized simulation model


Uniquely Positioned in the Value Chain

Differentiated and established consumer, media and gaming product offerings


Diverse Revenue Streams

We attract dedicated and desired audiences that enable the company to earn revenue through (i) subscription fees, (ii) consulting and product licensing, (iii) affiliate referral fees, (iv) advertising and sponsorships and (v) content partnerships and syndication.


Established and Growing Audience

More than 2.5B impressions in 2020 across channels for EdjSports and Football Outsiders brands

Our Brands

The Champion Gaming portfolio includes Football Outsiders, EdjSports, EdjFootball and EdjVarsity.

EdjSports empowers smarter decision-making with proven predictive and prescriptive analytical models and custom software solutions for the sports industry.

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Football Outsiders, one of the preeminent and most trusted football analytics and content sites, creates in-depth NFL and NCAA advanced statistics including its proprietary DVOA and DYAR ratings.

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EdjVarsity is a subscription-based data analytics tool for high school football.

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