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About Us

Champion Gaming Group, Inc. is the premier sports intelligence destination for teams, media, bettors, players, and fans. Our sports betting companies fulfill our core segments: proprietary data, advanced analytics, and expert content. Champion Gaming products are built with one simple mission – to give our customers the winning edge.

Why Us

Champion Gaming - The Moneyball of Sports Betting
Empowers bettors, fans, teams, and media with proprietary data, advanced analytics,
and exclusive content to help our clients make better decisions.

Fast Growing Market
Approximately 5B sports fans globally and acceleration of legalization in core markets

Experienced Team and Advisors
Led by media and gaming industry veterans, and successful proprietary content entrepreneurs

Leading Authority on Advanced Analytics
Experts include Aaron Schatz, Editor-In-Chief of Football Outsiders and
Frank Frigo, Co-Creator of NFL's first fully customized simulation model

Uniquely Positioned in the Value Chain
Differentiated and established consumer, media, and gaming product offerings.

Established and Growing Audience
More than 2.5B impressions in 2020 across channels for Football Outsiders and EdjSports brands


For any inquiries please reach out to Cameron Wickham (

Mr. Wickham has been a Director, Chief Executive Officer and Corporate Secretary of Prime City since March 2021. Mr. Wickham has over nine years of experience in public company management and has been involved in a number of going public transactions in Canada and the United States in the cannabis, consumer finance and other regulated sectors.

He specializes in navigating early-stage financing structures, M&A and ongoing management of public 82 - 82 - companies having significant experience in managing corporate finance, audit and legal teams. Mr. Wickham also currently serves as Executive Vice Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Spyder Cannabis Inc. (since May 2021) and as Chief Financial Officer of Baymount Incorporated (since March 2019).

Mr. Wickham is also a corporate finance advisor and consultant to various listed issuers including: Plant-Based Investment Corp., Aion Therapeutic Inc., Bhang Inc. and formerly to CordovaCann Corp., Gilla Inc. and DealNet Capital Corp. Mr. Wickham began his career in investment banking after obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University.